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 Helping your dispensary get found online

I’ll cut the sales-talk here and get straight to it. Your site needs three things in order to win the local search game:

  1. impeccable on-site optimization
  2. relevant citations
  3. powerful backlinks

Not to oversimplify it too much, but that’s basically what will get your dispensary found when someone searches something like “dispensary near me,” or “marijuana dispensary” on their mobile phone.

So where will your site be?

Buried in the wastelands of page two in the search results?

Or front and center?

With Dispensary SEO, we can help you outrank nearby dispensaries, and make sure your customers can easily find your business when they are searching.

This is How We’ll Rank Your Dispensary

First, we’ll help optimize your site for your location(s). Everything will be dialed-in so Google knows exactly who you are, where you’re located, and what you offer. After a very thorough site audit, and after you implement the changes, we’ll move on to step two.

Citations. We’ll make sure your dispensary is listed on every local and niche directory, and that your name, address, and phone number are displayed and easily found. Citations are the currency of local SEO, and we’ll have your site super-charged from powerful citations that not only link back to your site for increased authority, but that will drive traffic as well.

Finally, we’ll build some crazy-good links to your site to increase the trust and authority. Using competitor research, guest posting, editorial sites we have a relationship with, and our own cannabis site network, your dispensary will get the exposure in the search results you know it deserves.

Sounds good? Time to sign up!

Now that you essentially know the basics of how we’ll help your marijuana dispensary rank well (we don’t want to give away all of our secret sauce!), this is what you can do to take the next step.

Because there are only few spots in the search results for any particular location, we require dispensaries to go through a short application process. If we are already working with three dispensaries for a particular region (size depends on location), we will not accept any more clients until there is an open spot.

This is not a marketing gimmick–there are only three local results for any given location, and it would be silly of us to take on more clients than there are spots, and be competing with ourselves.


The Dispensary SEO service is a monthly subscription.


(Looking for SEO help for a non-dispensary business? Check out our StrainRANK service.

If you’re ready to get started or if you want more info, just fill out the form below .