The Ultimate Guide to Cannabusiness Link Building Opportunities

*Updated through September 2018

There’s a lot of nuance and layers to doing SEO these days, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: links are super important.

From dispensaries to accessories to services, getting links to your website will not only help your SEO game. If done right, they’ll send you some relevant traffic–and that’s the real goal in the end, isn’t it?

To help make it easy on you, here is a huge list of of link building opportunities for your cannabusiness.

If you don’t have them yet: build them.

If you want an expert team to safely handle the building or these links (and more!) for your cannabusiness, or your dispensary, just click on those links or get in touch.

Below, you’ll find each listing contains:

  1. Site name
  2. Domain Rating (DR–from Ahrefs), a metric of authority, out of 100.
  3. A short description of each site
  4. The URL to sign-up.

Some listings are paid, most aren’t.

Okay! Enough of that. Let’s jump in to where you can increase authority, boost your trust, and rank for your best cannabis keywords.

Local Cannabusiness Listings

This will be most useful for dispensaries and other location-based businesses.

The biggest difference between the sites in the “cannabusiness listings” section and the “directory” section below: this section lists opportunities for a link on websites that are heavily focused on dispensaries, while the directory section is for opportunities to link other businesses/services.

List of Marijuana Dispensary Citation Opportunities – DR = 64 

Strain directory, dispensary listings, and news.

URL: – DR 63

The Google Maps of marijuana dispensaries.

URL: – DR 59

Cannabis-culture, lifestyle website.

URL: (scroll to bottom, “add a listing”) – DR 57

A community of medical cannabis patients and caregivers

URL: – DR 53

A guide on what to buy and where to stay when shopping for MJ.

URL: – DR 50

A resource to help locate local dispensaries, smoke shops, and seed banks. – DR 49

Location-based list of dispensaries, doctors, and more.


WikiLeaf – DR 47

A dispensary price-comparison site


WeedStore.Reviews – DR 46

Honest medical and recreation dispensary reviews.


LoveAndMarij – DR 45

Wedding-themed cannabis site

URL: – DR 44

Location-based list of dispensaries and cannabis doctors.

URL: – DR 39

Medical marijuana business related directory.

URL: – DR 37

Marijuana dispensary listings.

URL: – DR 35

A local dispensary and service provider resource.

URL: (URL only works if logged in) – DR 34

Dispensary listings for Alaska, Colorado, or Oregon

URL: (add “colorado” or “alaska” in pace of “oregon” to add a listing for those states). – DR 31

An online community connecting of marijuana

URL: – DR 29

Medical marijuana industry directory.


Industry-Relevant Directory Listings

If you know anything about SEO, you know that directories are a great link building strategy… in 2006.

Back in the day, you could just get listed on 300 directories the celebrate your top rankings like:

Eventually, though, directories got a bad rep and got perpetually listed on every “are you making these SEO mistakes” post.

Here’s the thing:

Directories as a link building tactic aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They can be sloppy, over-done, low quality, and irrelevant. Just throwing links at every directory your browse past is lazy and, even worse, dangerous for your site’s long-term SEO health.

However, relevant, high-quality directories are a great supplement to your marijuana SEO link building campaign.

List of Relevant, High-Quality Directories for Building Links – DR 53

An online resource for cannabis businesses.

URL: – DR 50

An cannabis business to business media company

URL: – DR 49

An industry-related product and service directory

URL: – DR 48

A directory focused on cannabis-business services.

URL: – DR 45

Directory of marijuana and hemp related businesses

URL: – DR 44

A marijuana business-focused directory.

URL: – DR  36

A site that connects medical marijuana patients with cannabusinesses.

URL: – DR 30

A cannabis growers and sellers resource.


A curated directory of cannabis businesses

URL: – DR 28

A directory of 420-friendly businesses


Editorial Sites

These are websites that allow the submission of guest posts. These are the most powerful links, but–you guessed it!–the hardest to get. Here are several that have posted submission guidelines on the site.

Suggestion: if you’ve never tried to get a post on someone else’s site before, hit a search for “how to guest post” or “guest post best practices” before trying.

Or, you know, hire us to do it for you! – DR 56

An entertainment site for everything marijuana-related

URL: – DR 50

A cannabis-culture blog.

URL: – DR 39

A website dedicated to cannabis growers

URL: – DR 30

A site focused on the medical side of cannabis


Cannabis Associations/Sponsorships

The most expensive link building method on the list. These powerhouse sites also have a lot of benefits without just giving you a link (but be honest, you’re just here for the link juice).

Me: some of these links will run you hundreds a month, others will cost your thousands a years.

Your wallet: – DR 58

An organication advancing legal medical marijuana therapeutics and research.

URL: – DR 57

American Herbal Products Association website.

URL: – DR 45

An organization dedicated to the advancement of the cannabis industry.

URL: – DR 57

An organizationp promoting the growth of a responsible and legitame cannabis industry


Press Releases

Distribute your cannabis-related news to some of the top industry-related (and not related, for that matter) website. Not cheap, but could be worth it. – DR 46

Marijuana Industry press release service

URL: – DR 48

A marijuana industry press release service


That’s it for now.

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