Your complete ‘hands off’ Marijuana SEO solution

For those who are serious about growing their cannabis business.

Hi. My name is Sean, and I’ll make this super simple:

Higher rankings = more organic traffic from Google.

More organic traffic to your marijuana business = more profit.

I probably don’t have to convince you that SEO is one of the best long-term digital marketing investments you can make for your cannabis brand, so I won’t.

Instead, let me tell you why our StrainRANK system is the only search engine optimization solution your business needs.

There are a lot of other Marijuana SEO agencies out there that try to sell you on social media marketing, web design, and other digital marketing services for your cannabis business.

At, all we do is rank sites. No distractions, no trying to upsell you on a million things–just a small, dedicated, US-based team using a special system designed specifically for cannabis SEO to rank your business high in the search engines for your best keywords.

StrainRANK was originally developed to rank my own marijuana business sites. When you work with me, you’re not getting a bunch of theory from SEO bloggers that only sell information. Instead, you’re getting access to the same powerful methods that I actually use myself, for my own sites.

The truth is the StrainRANK system just works. You can be sure I’m using the latest and greatest SEO strategies, constantly testing and experimenting, to make sure my own sites continue to rank well.

How the StrainRANK system works.

1. We build up your brand.

Building authority and trust is the single-most important search engine optimization tactic you can do to rank well in Google. Getting backlinks is how this is accomplished.

Having a strong, authoritative brand also helps to mitigate the risk of getting penalized for any future algorithm updates (not to mention, building a brand is simply a valuable cannabis marketing tactic).

With this in mind, our StrainRANK marijuana SEO system begins with building some serious authority to your website. Using social signals, press releases, and general authority sites, we deliver an exceptionally powerful base to establish authority, and provide a sturdy foundation to build upon

2. We build powerful links.

We have a relationship with many webmasters who own REAL sites with REAL traffic where we can produce quality content linking back to your site. It’s a (relatively) safe, natural, and very powerful cannabis SEO tactic. These are sites that no other marijuana marketing agency has access to.

Next, we’ll get your site listed on the best industry directories that pass massive authority (and referral traffic!) to your online presence.

These days, your marijuana business’s organic rankings live and die by the links you earn.

When it comes to building links, we don’t mess around. We build real links on real websites getting REAL TRAFFIC–something most of our marijuana SEO competitors only wish they could deliver.

3. We Create Content That Your Readers (and Google!) Will Love.

When you strip away all the fluff, there are two things that really matter to ranking for you keywords:

  1. Amazingly engaging and optimized content
  2. Powerful links from real sites

We’ve already told you about how we can build super-authoritative links to your site to help you rank. The other big piece of our service is writing content that absolutely will rank.

Kusheo has a team of experienced writers who are involved in the cannabis industry. From growers to daily tokers, our team of writers craft engaging content that comes from deep personal knowledge, so the content always reads as authentic.

Next, we put the content through our proprietary StrainRANK optimization system, where it loses none of its readability or ability to engage, but gains a ton of relevancy. Most of our content starts ranking in the top spots right away based solely on the power of our content optimization process. When you combine that with our ability to build real, powerful links, top rankings always follow.

What To Expect From Our Marijuana SEO Service

When you sign up for our StrainRANK service, we’ll do a deep-dive on your site to make sure we’d be a good fit. We will be honest if we think, for whatever reason, we wouldn’t be able to help your site rank well.

Once everything checks out, we’ll hop on a quick call to get an idea of your business goals, your most profitable products, and any SEO work you’ve done previously.

After we have a solid understanding of your business, we’ll get started on month one.

Month 1:

The links we build in month one are all about increasing your site’s authority. We focus on the home page, on anchor text and links that build up your brand (as opposed to targeting your keywords). These links give us a great foundation to build future links upon. We’ll also conduct a social signals campaign, publish a press release (if applicable), and other secret sauce brand-building strategies.

We’ll conduct an audit of your site. We want to make sure there are no issues preventing you from ranking your best, or from getting the most out of our service. We’ll identify anything that can be optimized and pass it along to you to implement.

Finally, we’ll conduct keyword research and come up with a content strategy. We’ll send you our thoughts on the most valuable keywords we think your site can rank for, and give you a plan that starts with us targeting long tail keywords for quick wins, and builds up over time to help you rank for the big keywords. This keyword research and content strategy will be used in the following months of work.

Month 2 (and beyond):

In month two, we really get to work on the things that will get your site ranking.

We’ll use the content strategy we created in month one to write some amazing content. Depending on which plan you choose, we’ll write either two or four pieces of content per month.

As we mentioned previously, this is not your standard boring blog copy. These posts will be authentic, full of real knowledge, and engaging content highly optimized to rank.

We’ll cover everything, from writing the perfect meta title and description, to inserting and optimizing images. We’re experts at interlinking, and we’ll make sure that every piece published helps support and lend authority to previously published content.

Once the content is live, we’ll start building links. You can expect a range of 5-10 links build per piece of content.

Each month, as we continue to publish content and build links, the shared authority between posts grows, and content that started ranking for long tail versions of keywords will start to rank for the bigger versions of those keywords.

You CAN Have it All

When you work with Kusheo, you’ll be working with a team of SEO experts and cannabis writers who are passionate about the marijuana industry, not some wannabe marijuana marketers looking for a quick cash grab. Our team of cannabis SEO experts is supported by social media consultants, web designers, and other online marketing contractors that give us an unbeatable edge in ranking cannabis companies.

All you have to do is sign up.

The StrainRANK service is completely hands off for you. We do all the research, writing unique content, building links, fixing on-page issues, helping with content marketing, and tracking keywords, so you can stay focused on what you best: running and growing your business.

Ready to get started?

Just pick a day and time below to book a quick 30 minute call. No obligation. We’ll chat about your business, our process, and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

(Are you a dispensary that needs to rank locally? Check out our Dispensary SEO service.)


Answers to Questions You May Have

Q: If I sign up am I locked into a contract?
A: No! Payment is month to month with no commitment. However, if you cannot commit to 3-4 months, we’re probably not a good fit, as it will take 3-4 months, in most cases, for the work we do to start making an impact on your site. SEO moves slowly, and is a long game.

Q: You say you’ll write new content every month, but what if I already have content written?
A: If you’ve already got content targeting certain keywords that you want to rank for–no problem! Instead of creating a new piece of content, we’ll take on the existing content–using some, all (or possibly none) of the existing content in crafting a new page that ranks just as well as if we wrote a page from scratch.

Q: Can you send me a report every month of how many links you built and the specific URL where a link was published?
A: While we won’t always be able to send you every link we build, place, or earn, we will show you a selection of them each month. For, while we have a healthy paranoia/respect for Google, we also know that being transparent about the work we do will help set us apart from “me too” agencies.

In an effort to keep your links safe, your status as our client private, and your competitors at arms length, we do not generate and publish lists of links.

Q: What kinds of links do you build?
A: We build a variety of links on many different kinds of sites. Think about a natural link profile, you’ve got some web 2.0s, some editorial links in the middle of content, some high quality directories, and so on. Diverse links are part of a balanced SEO breakfast link profile, so we’ll build on all different kinds of sites. Some links will be no follow, some links will be low authority (but still quality sites).

We have a huge pool of sites on which we can build links, whether its a site from a list we keep where they allow users to post content, or on a partner site that we have a relationship with, where we can post quality content as with a guest post. Some links are gotten on social profiles and relevant industry directories.

Q: How will I track results of your SEO work?
A: You’ll be given a special URL that will contain a list of all the keywords we’re targeting for you, as well as where those keywords are currently ranking. There’s a little graph beside the keyword you can click, and it will show you a line graph of how the keyword is ranking over time.

Q: Can I spread the links out across a few different sites I own?
A: Sorry, no. Each subscription is for one main URL (though we will definitely target more than one page on that URL

Q: I kind of know my keywords but I’m not really sure…can you help me with keyword research?
A: Absolutely! We will help make sure you are targeting the best keywords for your industry–making sure not to waste time with too-general keywords that cost a lot to rank for but provide no revenue.

Q: Can you write content for us?
A: Short answer: yes.

We are experts at creating and optimizing content so that it no only positions your business as a trusted, authoritative expert, but it also ranks really well for multiple keywords. If you come to us with a site filled with content, we will work on optimizing the current content. If you come to us with a newer site, or if we’ve optimized all your most important content, then yes, we will be writing content every month to help you rank.

Do you have more questions before you’re ready to sign up?

We’d love to chat! Just head over to the contact page and drop us a line. We’ll get back to you ASAP.