Top Companies For Marijuana Packaging – 8 Businesses You Need To Know

Regardless of what you’re selling — be it soda, headphones, or marijuana seo — packaging is a vital component of your business.

Not only does packaging allow you to protect your product during transit and create a convenient way for your customers to store and transport your product, it’s also vital for advertising and brand recognition.

With the right packaging, you can create elegant displays which put your best foot forward. Your packaging is an opportunity to spread the word about your business and products every time anyone takes a glance at the package it comes it, building the recognition of your brand and showcasing what your products have to offer.

When it comes to the marijuana industry, there is even more to the equation than just the look of your packaging. Marijuana has to be packaged in various forms which comply with strict laws that mandate how marijuana can be packaged and sold. 

This makes it doubly important to find the right packaging business which can be trusted with the delicate task of finding the perfect way to package your products to optimize sales while simultaneously ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

Fortunately, there are quite a few options available. Let’s take a look at eight of the best marijuana packaging businesses in the industry today.

The Best Marijuana Packaging Companies

1. Pollen Gear

With a diverse selection of bags, jars, boxes, tubes, and containers of all descriptions, Pollen Gear provides the latest and greatest marijuana packaging solutions. Not only are they up to date with the latest technologies and legal regulations, they are also incredibly customizable.

Each of their packaging solutions can be customized to include your brand and product logos. You can deck out their packaging with your own imagery to create a unique visual experience for every product you feature.

Select from a variety of packaging solutions made from durable plastics designed specifically for containing marijuana. These are child proof solutions equipped with smell proofing that keeps all of that delicious odor trapped inside, preserving the freshness and offering a subtle packaging solution.

2. Kush Supply Co


Kush Supply Co offers a complete one stop shop for all your marijuana packaging needs.

They not only offer solutions for packaging your joints, edibles, and flower, but also a complete catalog of options for packaging your concentrates. You can select from everything from jars and vials to ready to use vaporizer components which can make short work of packaging your concentrated products for use in standard vaporizers.

With this diverse assortment of easily customizable packages, marijuana producers of all descriptions can find complete packaging solutions directly from Kush Supply Co.

You can even take it a step further with their expansive assortment of smoking accessories including grinders, glassware, and dozens of other smoking necessities, which can be ordered wholesale and adorned with your logo. They even offer solvents which can be used to make your cannabis concentrates! Truly a one stop shop.


3. Dymapak

Dymapak keeps things simple. They don’t have a diverse catalog of packaging solutions, preferring to focus their efforts on a few high quality solutions. 

Offering an assortment of variously sized child proof, smell lock resealable zipper bags, Dymapak provides some excellent solutions for packaging your flowers. Each bag’s appearance can be customized with your brand’s logo and product identification and information.

In addition to bags, Dymapak also offers their Twistspenser — a unique packaging solution for concentrates which makes dispensing the perfect amount a breeze. With an innocuous looking design and some clever engineering, these provide an exceptional way to package and handle concentrates which your customers are sure to fall in love with.

4. Shatter Labels

Shatter Labels goes beyond simple marijuana packaging to provide a complete outlet for everything you need to brand and represent your marijuana business. 

In addition to everything you’d expect for marijuana packaging — from resealable child proof bags, to concentrate syringes, to blister packs, to jars and containers, to vape tanks, and more — you’ll also find a selection of display boxes, tradeshow necessities like tent and banners, business cards, and even apparel which is all ready and waiting to incorporate your logo and custom design ideas.

Shatter Labels is so dedicated to giving your business everything it needs to represent itself that they even include an offer for a free logo design with any packaging purchase of $245 or more.

For those looking for a completely integrated means of standardizing their branding over all their marijuana products, Shatter Labels is worth investigating.


A complete solution not only for packaging solution but also every smoking accessory from the necessities to the just plain fun to have, is one of the largest names in the marijuana packaging and accessories industry.

Whether you’re a grower looking for the perfect way to package your harvest, a dispensary looking to distinguish your brand with eye catching products, or a smoke shop looking for some great smoking accessories,’s vast catalog has something for every facet of the marijuana storefront.

Customize bags, prescription bottles, jars, vaporizer cartridges and batteries, grinders, lighters, rolling papers, and just about everything else you can imagine to represent your brand.

6. 420 Packaging

Select from pre-rolled joint cones, solutions for stashing and transporting your flower, seed containers, concentrate vials and jars, elegant glass containers or affordable plastics, and much more. 420 Packaging has just about every type of marijuana packaging a dispensary (or customer) could hope for.

With a quick customization process and free shipping on orders over $420, 420 Packaging is a great solution for kitting out all of your marijuana products in snazzy modern solutions which are sure to help drive sales.

7. N2 Packaging Systems

N2 Packaging Systems isn’t just another run of the mill marijuana packaging company. They take things a step further by using modern science to create unique packaging solutions designed to maximize the longevity and freshness of all your products.

Taking their name from the chemical abbreviation for nitrogen gas, N2 Packaging Solutions can provide unique packaging solutions which store your marijuana products under an inert nitrogen atmosphere. 

This process goes a long way towards keeping your marijuana that much fresher, extending its shelf life and ensuring every customer gets the most fresh and delicious aroma from every flower.

8. FunkSac

Offering exceptional solutions for cultivators, vendors, and consumers alike, FunkSac has a variety of easily customized packaging solutions. With a focus on solutions for storing flower, FunkSac is a great source of child-proof smell-lock resealable bags ideal for keeping your flowers fresh, safe, and ready to go.

They even offer a few nifty solutions for cultivators, such as their drying and curing bags designed to allow your flowers to get that perfect cure while minimizing any contamination.

FunkSac has even been endorsed by world famous marijuana aficionado and rap superstar Snoop Dogg!

Find the Packaging that Represents Your Products!

Take your time browsing for the perfect packaging solution. Often, your packaging will be a customer’s (or, perhaps more importantly, a potential customer’s) first introduction to what you’re offering. It’s vital to get it right! 


This means not just finding the right company to source your packaging products from, but also taking your time in designing and customizing your logos, branding, and product information to make sure that you’re truly representing your brand and products as all they can be.

Happy hunting!